Insurance for Fitness Pros: Endorsed by Fitspot!

Fitspot connects fitness professionals with clients in a unique way—and those fitness pros need insurance!

If you’re a Fitspot fitness professional, you are eligible for discounted liability insurance through Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation—a Fitspot-endorsed company.

This coverage is designed specifically for fitness professionals working as personal trainers as well as instructors of individual or group exercise programs, including pilates, yoga, martial arts or similar fitness programs.

Your coverage follows you wherever you work in the US, whether you operate out of a single club, multiple clubs or even at a public facility such as a local park or activity center.

Take 5-Minutes, Save $10

Apply online today to save $10 on your yearly premium!

Plus, Additional Insureds are FREE when you apply now—an additional $25 savings!

*Additional insureds are additional gyms, studios or clubs where you teach.

Apply in as little as 5-minutes and, in most cases, you’ll receive immediate proof of insurance.

Want to Know More?

Visit our Insurance for Fitness Professionals page for information on coverage levels and standard premiums, but to receive your discount be sure to apply through one of the links on this page!

Got a question? Email Kim Tucker or call her at 800-844-0536 Ext. 2262.