Greg Raleigh Shares His Inspiring Fitness Story

by Greg Raleigh TV, Host, Motivation Speaker, Youth Counselor While in college trying to gain weight for football I suffered a stroke. I realized then that I had very little understanding of food choices and nutrition products. Thinking it over, I also realized that my family history of diabetes and high blood pressure might give me a chance to be an inspiration to people of all ages. I immediately volunteered at a local high school [...]

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Fitness Studio Risk Assessment: An Expert’s Guide

By Audra Krake, M.S., and Robyn Brinkerhoff, Ph.D., Special AFS Contributors New workouts and fitness facilities, while offering exciting opportunities to attract and engage fitness clientele, also present opportunities for accidents and injuries. For any fitness studio, consideration of the possible risks associated with the facility, equipment, and/or activity, and how to minimize those risks, can help increase safety, reduce the likelihood of an injury, and more effectively combat litigation. Some commonplace strategies (e.g., liability [...]

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Dr. Ted’s Tech Tips for Your Fitness Business

By Ted Vickey Research in the adoption of technology would suggest that you are probably reading this post on your smartphone (probably more than 50% of you are). What continues to amaze me as a technologist in the fitness industry is the sheer power of your smartphone. It is millions of times more powerful than the computer that NASA used to put a man on the moon in 1969. That NASA computer might not fit [...]

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PRESS RELEASE: SCW Fitness Education MANIA® Conventions Partner with Club Industry to Help you Build your Business and Career

NEWS RELEASE 151 S. Pfingsten Rd, Deerfield, IL 60015 December 12, 2018 For Immediate Release CONTACT: Madeleine McCormick, Marketing Assistant SCW Fitness Education Phone: 847-562-4020 Email:   SCW Fitness Education MANIA® Conventions Partner with Club Industry to Help you Build your Business and Career December 12, 2018 SCW Fitness Education has partnered with Club Industry to run an exclusive Club Industry Business Summit at MANIA® Fitness Education Conventions around the USA in beautiful hotels [...]

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