by Greg Raleigh TV, Host, Motivation Speaker, Youth Counselor

While in college trying to gain weight for football I suffered a stroke. I realized then that I had very little understanding of food choices and nutrition products. Thinking it over, I also realized that my family history of diabetes and high blood pressure might give me a chance to be an inspiration to people of all ages. I immediately volunteered at a local high school to teach exercise and nutrition to empower students. I created my non-profit Foodforfuel(F3) to expand my opportunities of providing educational, motivational tools such as success stories of my clients.

I have 23 current clients that I have trained from 10 to 25 yrs. I discovered that as a personal trainer if the workouts include a mixture of education, motivation, inspiration and fun, your clients will never leave you and your range of new clients and opportunities are endless.

I have been asked by clients to assist them as they experienced a variety of health crises, such as cancer treatments, heart procedures, sports injuries as part of their recovery. I have created programs to help low-income kids and parents to determine if their child is pre-diabetic, resulting in reducing the chance of becoming diabetic! I have clients with weight-loss success stories of 20 to 100 lbs. I have junior high and high schools that have become inspiration for their families. I have assisted many students with getting certifications as person trainers. I currently have a client who is appearing on TV commercials sharing how his exercise routines help with cancer treatments at a local Hospital. I have a 75 year old client that now is leading her yoga class with a routine of exercise and yoga 4 times each week. I have earned federal contracts for creating exercise routines for federal employees. I have created group fitness classes with Universities to inspire students to motivate each other. My programs have been used by public schools in 7 major cities. I speak at career days for schools to motivate students to select health careers as college majors. I been asked by senior-level Congressional leaders to provide my expertise on obesity related issues. I’ve appeared on several TV shows regarding nutrition and exercise over my career.

I have created a TV show that airs in 4 states (MD/DC/VA/PA). I was selected as Commissioner for the Mayor’s Council of Physical Fitness, Health and Nutrition in Washington DC.

These have been my overall experiences with my fitness business. I never envisioned all the long-term clients, as well as, the opportunities that have come my way but if it can happen for me it can happen for anyone if you’re committed to improving people’s lives!


Greg Raleigh. Is a Nutrition, Health and Fitness Expert with extensive years of experience educating and training students, athletes, politicians, business executives and employees. Mr. Raleigh has been developing nutrition/exercise programs and presentations for the past 20 years. He created the organization Food for Fuel in order to unite various levels of urban communities to offer affordable access to exercise facilities, health clinics, nutrition counseling and fitness experts.

Mr. Raleigh successfully draws on his experience and relationships in college level and professional sports to secure active participation of celebrities, professional athletes, colleges and universities to underscore the importance of health, fitness and nutrition.

• Washington, DC metropolitan area businesses have retained Mr. Raleigh to develop presentations on nutrition education encompassing an eight week nutrition programs for their employees.
• Mr. Raleigh has worked closely with Congressional officials (Democrats/Republicans) to implement healthy nutrition and fitness initiatives to combat high obesity rates in major US cities, among them, Philadelphia, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Washington DC.
• Fitness Director of The University Club a major Downtown Washington, DC Social and Athletic Club.

Mr. Raleigh has appeared on ESPN2, Good Morning America as well as in articles published in USA Today, New York Times, Oakland Tribune and the Washington Post. He also develops and produces a television programming for nutrition and fitness education, called “It’s your Turn”. Greg Raleigh-youtube. Mr. Raleigh was selected Personal Trainer of the month (May 2015) with International Fitness Professional Association in addition to designing a sports Apparel line called F3(Foodforfuel)