It’s always a thrill here at SFIC to hear from our satisfied customers. After all, we’re in the business of keeping fitness studios and professionals in business themselves. So it was great to hear from Jayah Faye Paley at Poles For Mobility, a unique California company, who truly values the service we provide. She writes:

I have been a loyal and satisfied customer of Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation for 9 years. In addition to peace of mind, their insurance enables me to work for city, state and community agencies that would otherwise be unavailable to me.

Poles in useThere’s actually a voice on the other end of the phone line when I call!  I’ve had the same professional, helpful, cheerful rep for many years and I hope she NEVER retires.   I have someone I can talk to with questions and a responsive representative who quickly delivers certificates of insurance so that I can satisfy agency requirements.
Thanks, Jayah! And thanks and congratulations are in order for her SFIC rep Olivia Brown as well—for her dedication to providing friendly, authentic and truly praiseworthy customer service.

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