Individual insurance policies tailored to meet the needs of fitness professionals should include coverage to protect them from all types of claims, including the four primary liability exposures outlined in an earlier blog. These individual policies are relatively inexpensive and follow the individual wherever they train, even if it’s in multiple facilities at one time–or if they change facilities within the policy year.

When purchasing an individual policy, fitness professionals should look for the following:

  • Fitness professional liability insurance written on a occurrence basis that includes coverage for nutritional counseling.
  • General liability coverage that protects the fitness professional if they are named in a premises liability claim or equipment liability claim. It is important to know that claimants can name anyone that they want to in law suits.
  • Sexual abuse and molestation coverage.
  • Medical payments coverage – this is coverage offered to pay the medical bills of injured parties on a no-fault basis for good will.

Luckily, getting fitness professional liability coverage is affordable and easy. And, SFIC agents are always available to answer any questions about group x insurance.