Learning Objectives:

  1. To identify the special considerations of ethics in the fitness industry.
  2. To learn how ethics and service are intertwined.
  3. To help fit pros understand how others are affected by their decisions.

There are special considerations for ethics in the fitness industry.

The fitness industry has a tremendous and unique opportunity to impact lives in a positive way by both improving health and longevity as well as improving the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. Most fitness professionals entered the industry from a personal passion for fitness and/or a desire to help others. Ethics play a role in the fitness industry because the lives of people cannot be improved without placing a priority on respect for individual human rights, upholding any legal obligations and protecting the health and safety of members and clients.

As an industry, if fitness facility owners and management, staff, and fit pros keep this higher calling foremost in their business strategy, not only will they be more likely to achieve these lofty goals, but they will also be more successful.

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