I’m well aware that the discussion of “claims-made” vs. “occurrence” professional liability coverage can get really boring, really quickly.  Although I make my living in the world of “insurance,” I don’t for a minute pretend that this topic is particularly thrilling or exciting.  But it is important.

Many of your clients or facilities where you work may not ever ask you for proof of insurance, and those that do will likely be satisfied with any piece of paper you show them.  The type of insurance that you have and the Company that stands behind it is not at all important…until the day that something happens.  Then, it suddenly becomes vitally important.

Professional Liability Insurance (or “Errors and Omissions Insurance”) protects against claims filed by clients arising out of errors, negligent acts, or omissions during the course of rendering “Professional Services”.  Every fitness professional needs this coverage.

At Sports & Fitness Insurance, we provide Professional Liability Insurance on an Occurrence basis.  Although arguments can be made to the contrary, we believe that this approach is vastly superior to the Claims-Made approach, providing more comprehensive coverage and eliminating gaps in coverage

Next week: A deeper dive into Occurrence vs. Claims-Made coverage